Enter the ( SEO ) Matrix

There are two very commonly known things about search engine optimization (SEO).

1) Great, targeted content drives PageRank.
2) Google’s page rank algorithm is recursive.

Given how common this knowledge is, it’s surprising that so many Web sites haven’t put 1 + 1 together: Your pages earn a PageRank based on content and links, and then they lend that PageRank power to your other pages based on how you link to them.

In effect, your internal link structure may be causing your most powerful, highest-ranked pages to spread their PageRank weight across your entire site, instead of to the specific campaigns or initiatives you mean to support with those individual pages.

The takeaway: Instead of thinking of your SEO efforts as a collection of channels (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and the obligatory blog) meant to drive content — think of SEO as a structured set of Content Tiers, each of which are built and interlinked to support your marketing and SEO objectives.

Enter: the SEO Matrix.

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Selloscope Comps

This post is just a quick way for me to share some comps and comments on our soon-to-be-released site, Selloscope.  Selloscope enters the market in an exploding new industry: recommendation technology.  From a startup perspective, Selloscope makes a terrific case study in how to start an online business on a shoestring budget — I’ll be posting lessons learned soon after launch.

Here’s the logo, I’m very proud of it.  Professionally designed by Mary Norvell in Dallas, TX.

And here are the comps… a home page, a form page, and an administration page.  At this point these pages and many others are up and running in development.

Click for the bigger version.

Enjoy and look for us in August 2010!